The Elders in North Korea

President Carter of The Elders visiting a group of students at Pyongyang’s Foreign Language University

An independent group of former heads of states known as the Elders visited North and South Korea in April on a mission to ease tension between the two nations. The Elders have now released photos and videos from their trip.

Let’s hope the efforts of The Elders will help all parties to find a diplomatic resolution to ease the tension.

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Recommended reading – Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea

Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick is an excellent book that covers the lives of six ordinary North Korean citizens and their families. From lovers in a forbidden relationship to a factory worker who worships Kim Il Sung.

Demick follows their lives in a world that gets worse every day after the club of communist countries came crashing down following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The author Barbara Demick is an American journalist who interviewed defected North Koreans while stationed in Seoul. She has done an amazing job gathering these stories into one wonderful book. The kind of overview she is able to create of everyday life in a country where radios are prefixed to one channel is one of a kind.

The book is nicely divided into different sections telling the story of the country and giving the reader an insight into its history while telling the stories of the six main characters at the same time.

Her style of writing combined with touching stories of everyday North Koreans trying to survive inside a system where the big brother watches you everywhere results into an excellent read.

I love the kinds of books that you can’t put down and that make you feel like you’re actually there. This achieved both.

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Monuments of the former Yugoslavia

What do you get if you take the best material for everything ever, concrete and the artistic vision of the communist leaders of former Yugoslavia. Monuments. Hundreds of monuments.

Check out these relics of times gone by here